Artist Statement

My lyric abstract paintings are celebrations of the mystery, magnitude and dynamism of life, an expression of the infinite flow of light and the expansion of inner consciousness. They work on many levels simultaneously: unity in diversity, space and form, light and color, silence and movement, inner and outer awareness. They are informed by both Eastern and Western aesthetics and philosophy and integrates the two.

They are painted in a spontaneous manner, a kind of joyous improvisational duet with the rhythms of nature, a visual gospel of hymns singing the praise of nature and life. While painting I listen to Indian Vedic hymns, Indian Ragas or improvisational jazz which helps move the flow of energy where you can feel the rhythms, pulse and vibrating waves of sound expressed in paint. My art becomes a spontaneous performance piece where I improvise along with the musicians as a visual player in the ensemble. The linear, geometric rectangular shapes act as windows or portals that help the viewer move in and out of the picture plane, flowing from outer perception to inner transcendence. They also act as a counterpointal balance to the free flowing gestural strokes of paint. Some of the paintings have references to sea and sky where the boundaries between landscapes and abstracts merge. The ocean and sky are symbols of the all encompassing, infinite flow and power of nature. Many of these paintings were done on or inspired by Cape Cod where sea light has a particular intensity with sublime atmospheric vibrations of lighted skies and rhythmically flowing waves, and also by the expansive Iowa skies over the Plains.

The paintings are both atmospheric and concrete, flowing back and forth between movement and stability. Each new painting is a joyous revelation creating a discrete world unto itself. Available in Boston and Iowa among other locations.